Fibonacci numbers: the mathematics of climate change

What is Fibonacci Time?

This site presents a non-fiction work of popular science calling for action to reform the Gregorian calendar. It is no longer appropriate for modern society. In a world facing the growing threat of Climate Change, of rapidly changing technology and increasing political tensions, a calendar devised in the Middle Ages is not merely irrelevant but also a danger to the planet and all its creatures . A calendar needs to be much more than a timetable of Holy days and saints’ birthdays. A calendar needs to be a living document informing people about new technology, the great changes taking place in our world and how to cope with them.  A calendar needs to be a document that unites people around the world instead of dividing them with religious hatreds. A calendar, by definition, documents changing times, not ancient history.

As a navigator interacting with the stars  I have spent many years pondering on the issue of time measurement. I present a model for a world calendar with an astronomical basis free from religious baggage.